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Okta - #1 Identity Management Solution

Join the world’s best customer experience, efficient IT management, and cyber security for user management.

More than 15,000 world-renown brands rely on Okta to secure their digital interactions with employees and customers. Okta is the leading platform in the last ten years, according to leading analysts.

Workforce Identity Management

Your work environment is the beating heart of your organization. Protect your employees, partners, and contractors and allow them a safe work environment anytime, anywhere. Get tools to automate and protect your cloud, with full support of hybrid environments.

Customer Identity Management | CIAM

Your login page should seek to balance user experience with privacy and security. Okta gives you better customer experience on your website and applications, together with simple, secure one-click MFA login. Ensure your users log in with minimal effort. Simple, slick, secure.

Lifecycle Management

Fully and secure automation of employee lifecycle from the moment they start working and until they leave, Okta makes sure your organization ever changing needs are addressed in real time. Speak to us to finally understand how the country’s leading companies manage their employee onboarding using Okta, while saving labor and resources in their IT team, using automation.

Are you prepared to onboard a new employee?

Imagine this: on their very first day of work, your new employee already has the right access to all relevant systems. They don’t need to start chasing the IT team to have their user set up and they can start being effective on their first day of work. Amazing user experience does not have to mean weaker security. Integrating MFA will enable perfect security for your organization.

Simple Automation

Implement secure automation to cloud technology, On-Prem, or hybrid environment with Okta’s Integration Network. The catalog offers over 7,000 cloud service integrations who support SAML and provisioning for a simple, secure connection to your organization’s systems.
The world’s leading brands trust Okta with their workforce and customer identity management

Moshiko Gabay

IT & Security, Salt Security

“As part of the integration project with Teraworks, our onboarding process has changed completely, from manual labor performed by several people we went to fully automated processes before the worker starts their first workday”

Sagi Malka

IT Manager, Dalet

“I’ve been working with Teraworks for about two and half years. In our work together, the thing that is most obvious to me is their knowledge and professionalism. In the span of only a few months, we trained the entire organization to use Okta as the Identity Provider, in all relevant systems. [With Teraworks, ] you will always find professional, quick, and available solutions.”

Tal Shilan

IT Manager, Mishlochah

“Teraworks is different in the Israeli market, you get your own project manager, if you cannot reach a technical person, there’s someone grabbing all the octopus arms in the best way, there’s a professional and available solution around the clock”


What is Okta?

Okta is an identity and access management platform in the cloud that serves your workforce and your customers simply, securely and independently.

Does Okta have downtime?

Okta must be available to be able to sign in to your organization’s applications, so there is no good time for downtime.
This is why our architecture is built for 99.99% uptime to all our customers.
With Okta, you have zero planned downtime.
You can always check Okta’s services status by clicking here

What should I do if I get locked out of Okta?

If you can’t sign in to your Okta, click the link at the bottom of your login page called “Need help signing in?”. Then choose “Forgot Password” to reset your password. Write your username and choose which method to use to reset your password.

How can I create a new tab in my Okta dashboard?

In order to create a new tab, click the “+” sign next to your last tab. You’ll be asked to enter a new tab name (e.g “Personal”). Enter the name and click “save” to create it. You may create up to five tabs.

How can I change the display order of my applications in my Okta dashboard?

To change the display order of your apps, click and drag your application’s logo, and then release it where you’d like it to show.

What is an Okta plugin?

Okta’s browser plugin allows your end users to login to applications that don’t support SAML and automated login via SSO.

Can you backup Okta?

Unfortunately, Okta does not offer backup as part of her solution array. That said, at Teraworks we provide a secure backup solution to Okta as part of our offerings. accSenSe’s service allows you to secure your organization’s access continuity by backing up and continuously restoring your Okta database and configurations. You can recover your work environment to any point in time, so that you’re safe whether you experience a cyber attack or human error.
Find out more about accSenSe by clicking here

What’s the difference between Okta Verify and Okta mobile?

Okta mobile is a mobile application that allows access to your applications via your mobile device.
Okta verify is also a mobile application. It is used as verification to login to your organizational Okta server from your mobile device.

Does Okta have any certifications?

Okta is certified SOC2 Type II, Matrix, SAQ-D, PCI Attestation, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, and more. For the full list click here.

Which identification protocols does Okta support?

Okta supports OpenID Connect, WS-Fed, SWA, SAML, OIDC. For more information click here.

What is Okta’s support line phone number?

Okta’s phone number for support is +1 (1800) 219-0964, but you can always call us at +972 (73) 343-6441

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