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Jumpcloud - IAM, MDM, Password Manager all in one platform

Reduce your costs with unified device and user identity management

More than 150,000 organizations trust Jumpcloud to secure their digital interactions with employees and customers. Jumpcloud was elected best software for 2021 by G2.com

Jumpcloud won the following categories:

Highest customer satisfaction, best product in medium and large businesses, best remote work product, and best IT management software product.

Jumpcloud changes the way IT managers manage their organizations

With its flexible and robust cloud library platform, you can now manage your users’ identities and access to mobile devices in one central location, secure Mac, Linux, and Windows devices and get full visibility of your environment.

Identity, Access, and Device Management

One identity to rule them all ® - manage your users' access to any resource and any operating system with Jumpcloud’s Open Directory platform - built to adapt to your environment. With a winning system based on agents and driven by protocols, you will be prepared for any scenario. Open directory works with protocols like SAML/SCIM/LDAP/RADIUS, managing your users’ entire lifecycle over SSO apps and other resources, full users’ account management and configuration over Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Zero Trust Security and Regulation

Deploy innovative security solutions with speed and ease using built-in tools, and integrate a modern Zero Trust security system - all the while adapting to regulations and keeping your end users productive. Define complex requirements for passwords and control Multi-Factor Authentication over access points. Define policies for devices, such as full disk encryption. You can also personalize commands. Apply conditional access policy to set which devices and networks may access resources, export library data, events, and devices to support certification and regulation control, and integrate security controls according to SOC, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and other standards.

Jay Wellingford

CTO, Gorilla Logic

“Sales-wise, Jumpcloud, and ISO-27001 were a huge win for us. Now we are in the position to close almost any customer that comes our way, from a security standpoint. It helps leverage our business, and it saves us time.”

Dudi Ramesh

VP Engineering, Sapling

“I did not expect any one system to answer all the different categories of our needs. Jumpcloud is a Swiss army knife”

Randy Tenenhaus

IT Manager, Classpass

“Jumpcloud was necessary for us because we can manage our user identities centrally, with SSO connections and access to RADIUS from a single platform. The system fulfilled a critical role in our onboarding and offboarding user automation. It helped save time, effort, and most importantly costs immensely.”

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