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acSenSe - IAM Business Continuity Enabler

accSenSe provides full protection of your organization’s most precious asset - your employees’ digital identities. With automatic backups and restoration to your organization’s identities and your configuration, bouncing back from a cyber attack is as quick as a click of a button

accSenSe’s state-of-the-art automatic backup solution ensures your organization will continue functioning, even after suffering a cyber attack. We will make sure your IAM system will keep functioning so you can return to normal in minutes or hours, instead of days or weeks.

Your certification process just turned into a piece of cake

International certifications such as ISO or SOC require ongoing backup of information that is critical to the organization, such as Okta’s IAM. Regulation enforces a backup solution in case of disaster, which is exactly what accSenSe will provide you with

Proactive Defense

In recent years cyber attacks have become increasingly sophisticated. In such an environment, there is no such thing as 100% defense, and we must be proactive in protecting our organization’s digital assets. IAM backup serves as another layer in your cyber security array - if the attacker has succeeded, you can recover your organization quickly and prevent great losses

Ensuring your service continuity

Automatic IAM backup allows your organization to recover quickly from cyber attacks thus ensuring uninterrupted services to your customers. Providing continuous services maintains your organization’s business reputation and decreases the likelihood of your customers abandoning you

Reduce your cyber attack’s overall cost

Cyber attacks will cost your organization a fortune. The average cost of cyber attacks in Israel is around half a million shekels per attack and one may cost you even more. Continuous, automatic backup of your work environment and restoring your employees their permissions ensures a quick RTO and minimal RPO

Buy your management peace of mind

With accSenSe your organization’s management can turn its resources to the core of your activity. Backing up your IAM’s critical data ensures your organization can return to normal at any given time, no matter what technological crisis it faces - whether human error or cyber attack

Change Management Control

In environments with many users arises a difficult challenge - tracking system and configuration changes. With accSenSe, you can easily and intuitively track and monitor changes in your IAM system


What is accSenSe?

accSenSe is a backup and recovery SaaS solution, focused on cloud IAM systems. Our solution ensures quick backup and restore if you lose access to your IAM, no matter the cause

Why does Okta not provide its own backup solution?

Okta does back up your information, but according to its Shared Responsibility model, you do not have access to it at all. Okta’s Shared Responsibility model states that it is your responsibility to backup your data.

If my Okta data is unavailable, how quickly can you recover it?

As fast as it takes you to click our restore button. accSenSe is the fastest backup tool for Okta.

How secure is my data in accSenSe?

accSenSe is SOC2 Type II compliant, so your data is as secure as it gets. We built our cloud technology according to AWS’ best practices in security, identity, and compatibility. Our access control is provided by Okta and we conduct regular penetration testing. Your personal data is secured and encrypted, according to GDPR regulations.

How can I prevent access to my cloud or user lock-out?

Prevention is impossible, but restoring will put you back on track in no time.
accSenSe keeps a copy of your data so that you can bounce back from any lockout event.

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