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Manage your organization’s users in one central place in the cloud

Okta’s cloud user management directory is flexible and has built-in integration with Active Directory / LDAP. It can integrate between domains and grow with your organization.

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About Universal Directory

Plenty of space for your users
With your cloud user directory you can host an unlimited number of users, including many user types such as employees, contractors, external consultants, and even your customers. You can also host an unlimited number of properties, information, and customized fields in your user profile.
Manage groups and assignments
Using Okta’s UD you can assign any user to a group and its relevant systems. Using the information you already have, you can build logic and rules that will automatically assign a users’ permissions and groups.
Efficient password management
With Universal directory you can personalize a groups’ password policy, and enforce AD and LDAP password policies. Users can reset their own passswords, freeing your IT team to concentrate on more important things and helping your Help Desk give better service, faster.
Monitor your users in real-time
Use Okta’s real-time monitoring called syslog to solve problems and fix security issues immediately. You can use pre-built reporting to see how your end users usse your applications and services. Download or easily export your data to csv files, syncthem with SIEM systems or access them via API.
Mergers and acquisitions
Okta UD allows you to perform merger and acquisition processes simply and easily. Our directory serves as a manager of managers to external directories

Customers who use this product

Thousands of happy customers are using Okta’s 2FA. If you want to promote effective, passwordless work in your organization, let us introduce you to our specialists

Jason Penya

Product manager, CarMax Customer and Acess Identity Management
“One of the things we enjoyed in Okta was how flexible our MFA is. We can effectively turn this into an option for all customers, but require it only when it is necessary - for our most sensitive deals”

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