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Strong, secure user experience
Okta’s MFA balances the need for securing your organization’s information at the highest level and your user’s productivity and connectivity experience. Keep your employees and your customers satisfied with a passwordless login.
Strong cloud security
2FA combined with biometric capabilities and other sophisticated mechanisms to ensure the best possible security level for your organization’s information. Critical apps can be granted authentication and access using stronger authentication mechanisms according to the application’s level of vulnerability. Okta’s MFA solution should be implemented to protect your organization’s resources, employees, and customers.
Upgrade your customer experience
How does it work? In addition to authenticating using a username and password, the end-user must define an extra authentication factor in order to prevent a security breach in case of a compromised password. Using Okta’s Push Notification strategy logging in to the system is easy and simple. You can define an authentication factor sent by the application to wherever your user is trying to access. Using Okta’s FastPass you can authenticate with a registered device using a certificate and biometric authentication in your device without providing a password.
Advanced options for 2-Factor-Authentication
Using Okta’s MFA mechanism you can establish a secure authentication based on something you are (biometric), something you have (physical device), and something you know (password or security question). No matter what authentication security your regulation requires, you're covered with Okta’s solution.

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Thousands of happy customers are using Okta’s 2FA. If you want to promote effective, passwordless work in your organization, let us introduce you to our specialists
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Jason Penya

Product manager, CarMax Customer and Acess Identity Management
“One of the things we enjoyed in Okta was how flexible our MFA is. We can effectively turn this into an option for all customers, but require it only when it is necessary - for our most sensitive deals”

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