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Lifecycle Management - Simple and Automated User Management

Okta’s Lifecycle Management automates user permission management to your organization’s systems, makes your onboarding and offboarding process quick and efficient, and provides you with an extra cyber security layer.

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About Lifecycle Management

Organizational Recruiting Readiness
Using Lifecycle Management will make your new employees’ recruiting experience the easiest and most convenient it’s ever been. Building an automation enabling new user creation in every relevant organizational system with the appropriate licensing will allow your organization to be ready on day one with the right set of permissions and licenses. Using automation to control your onboarding and offboarding processes will free up your IT team’s time and resources to work on more important projects.
Reduce your licensing budget
Automatic access management not only saves you time but also money. Automating assigning and removing licenses will enable your organization to optimize resource access. Removing licenses will be done automatically, reducing your costs.
Optimize new employee’s user experience
Have you ever asked yourself what a new employee goes through in their first days and week at your organization? How long does it take them to become effective at their new work at your organization? What first impression would you like to give your employees as the basis for your work together? Does the recruiting process create desperation and exhaustion or a drive to start working and becoming productive? With Okta’s Life Cycle Management your employee begins their very first day with all the licenses and permissions they need, automagically.

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Amy Frost

IT Engineering Manager, Hendrick
“A single source of truth was key for us to be able to accept people who can grow within our company and keep their information with them the whole time - no need to get back to HR again and again.”

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