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We provide smart integration and security solutions for your cloud architecture Work smarter, not harder

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    Integrate the world’s leading technologies, improve your security posture, and get certified, fast.

    World’s Most Advanced Authentication and Authorization Platform
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    Reduce your costs with unified device and user identity management
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    Process automation in the organization at the touch of a button
    Advanced control, enforcement, and control for all end devices
    Protect identity and access systems in the cloud
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    Manage secure access to your organization's systems
    The world's leading identity management platform
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    Why Teraworks?

    Holistic View of Cyber Security
    Partners for the Journey
    Wide Variety of Solutions
    Winning Service
    Empower Your Team

    As professionals, we know there are no magic solutions in cyber security (oh how we wish there were!). Your defense array must be based on many layers of security to prevent attackers from reaching sensitive information. That’s why we provide several facets of security: Endpoint Device security, Permission Management, Secured Access Management, Cyber Security Updates Management, and Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring, among others.

    In order for you to implement a full digital transformation, you need a trustworthy and professional partner to walk you through all the way to your goal. Teraworks is very experienced in matchmaking our clients with the perfect solutions, no matter their use-cases. With professional experts, kind service representatives, and a variety of products for your desired level of cyber defense, we are your best choice.

    We chose the best Cloud Security Saas Solutions. Our solutions are worldwide leaders in their field and easy to implement, so you can spend less money on implementation and get up and running quickly. We provide creative solutions to a variety of challenges, starting with digital identity security solutions, supplier identity solutions, and customer identity solutions.

    We do not compromise on excellence, professionalism, or service. Personal attention, guidance, and providing you with the information you need are pillars of our company culture. Our support and consulting teams are available to you to prevent the next attack.

    Give your team new specialized tools to empower it to handle the dynamic challenges of the current digital landscape. Enable automations instead of repetitive manual tasks in tasks like your permission management, and let your teams do the real work that will level up your organization.

    Our Expertise

    As the leading Israeli Cloud Security Integrator, we represent a variety of solutions by worldwide leading organizations. Our experts are specifically certified for each solution, so we can accompany you during the installation and through the ongoing maintenance of each product.
    Identity Management
    Okta is a worldwide leader in Digital Identity Management solutions. It allows the highest quality customer experience without compromising your organization’s cyber security.
    Workflow Automation
    Workato provides a solution to company-wide business solutions, without needing to write a single line of code, so that development time is minimal and manual workflows become a thing of the past.
    Multi-Cloud Security
    Lacework provides ongoing monitoring on multi-cloud environments with advanced AI technology that will spot the wolf in sheep's clothing and prevent the next attack, without writing a single rule
    Automation for Okta
    Okta workflows simplify your identity management workflows - without writing a single line of code.
    Backup and Restore Your Identities
    accSenSe provides full protection of your organization’s digital identities. With automatic backup and restore, disaster recovery becomes a piece of cake.
    Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)
    Auth0 is Okta’s perfect solution for securing your organization’s customer digital identities. With simple and convenient user experience, secure access to your service has never been easier.

    Single Sign-On

    Identity Management, SSO, IdP, and Okta
    The best digital experience for your workers - no more sticky notes! Allow your users to provide a single set of username and password to all of your organization’s systems. With Okta’s Single Sign-On system, they can customize their dashboard and stay productive, even on the go. With Okta SSO your users can even restore their password without needing your Helpdesk team.
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    Customer Identity authentication and authorization platform
    Over 9000 business customers in over 70 countries are proof of Auth0’s success. Your organization must give access to services, applications, and websites to your customers, and you must provide an excellent login experience. In order to accomplish that, you’ll need a single central solution that will simplify your digital access management. Auth0 allows your developers to connect any application in any programming language, define databases or identity management systems and in any project, be it B2B, B2C, B2E.
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    Moshiko Gabay

    IT & Security, Salt Security

    “As part of the integration project with Teraworks, our onboarding process has changed completely, from manual labor performed by several people we went to fully automated processes before the worker starts their first workday”

    Sagi Malka

    IT Manager, Dalet

    “I’ve been working with Teraworks for about two and half years. In our work together, the thing that is most obvious to me is their knowledge and professionalism. In the span of only a few months, we trained the entire organization to use Okta as the Identity Provider, in all relevant systems. [With Teraworks, ] you will always find professional, quick, and available solutions.”

    Tal Shilan

    IT Manager, Mishlochah

    “Teraworks is different in the Israeli market, you get your own project manager, if you cannot reach a technical person, there’s someone grabbing all the octopus arms in the best way, there’s a professional and available solution around the clock”


    As the leading Israeli Cloud Security Integrator, marketing various products and services to Israeli customers, we invest in learning the technologies, becoming certified, and always providing digital excellence. We are proud to be the only Israeli company who is certified to implement Okta solutions.

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