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Is Your Okta “Backup” Really Protecting Your Data? (Probably Not)

teraworks  |  07 Jun 2024

Is Your Okta “Backup” Really Protecting Your Data? (Probably Not)

The term “backup” gets thrown around a lot, especially in the #Okta world. But are your backups truly protecting your critical data?

Here’s the harsh reality: most Okta backups leave you exposed. They lack features like:
• True Resilience: Traditional backups are just a single copy, vulnerable to loss or corruption.

• Offsite Storage: Local backups are at risk from physical disasters like fire or flood.

• Proactive Testing: Many businesses only discover their backups are faulty when it’s too late to recover.

Acsense offers a robust 3-2-1 backup strategy that goes beyond the basics to ensure your data is always recoverable:

• Three Copies: We store your data in three separate locations for maximum redundancy.

• Two Storage Types: We utilize multiple storage types to safeguard against media failure from any one source.

• One Immutable Copy: An unalterable copy protects your data from accidental deletion or even malicious insider attacks.
But we don’t stop there. Acsense provides additional layers of security:

• Enhanced Security: Advanced encryption, least privileged access controls, and regular audits keep your backups safe.

• Automatic Health Checks: Our industry-first SaaS data protection integrity checks proactively ensure your backups are recoverable when you need them most.

• Compliance: Our SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certifications demonstrate our commitment to the highest security standards.
Don’t settle for a false sense of security