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About Teraworks

Teraworks is Israel’s leading integration organization for cyber security solutions in the cloud.

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Your success is our success

Teraworks is the only cyber security company in Israel that provides an end-to-end solution for protecting your organization’s cloud services. We are committed to providing your organization with the most advanced security technologies, the knowledge needed to build defense that stands strong against the challenges in the cloud and to build a reliable, flexible, up-to-date information security infrastructure to allow your organization to stay safe while taking advantage of the benefits of working in the cloud.


We professionally accompany companies from a variety of industries and at different stages of maturit – from young start-ups to established, well-known companies in the industry. Our solution variety enables the application of information security aspect at any stage of your organization’s digital transformation process to the cloud and in any configuration: public, hybrid, or local cloud.

Professional Services

Project management
In order to be certain that the integration process will be successful and will answer your business needs, we see the importance of professional project management. Our projects are accompanied by an expert project manager who accompanies the process from the requirement specification stage all the way to the post-launch support. We proud ourselves with big-picture thinking through every stage of the project.
In order to prepare your organization against cyber security threats in the cloud, we combine professional experts and high-level service and support with a variety of solutions, handpicked for you. Our security products empower your organization to automate processes, control a single or multi-cloud environment, protecting end-devices and securing your information - anywhere, anytime.
We know that a digital transformation process can be long and challenging. That’s why we made it our goal to accompany you at every step of the way until you fully integrate our solutions. Our experts will be there for you during the planning, acquisition, and implementation - all the way to the end of the process to ensure that all of your business processes are working to your satisfaction.

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Teraworks is Israel’s leading integrator of cloud security solutions. With a professional team of experts, tens of years of experience, hundreds of successful projects, and a service-first approach, we are your home to every technological need. We’ll be happy to assist you with every professional question, at any hour of the day.